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Jun 25, 2015From Lisa's Lips41 comments

Well, I woke up this morning in my NY hotel room overlooking the Hudson River and am in love with my gorgeous view. As I sit here, of course I have a million random thoughts fly through my mind and I think to myself, ‘I better just throw it all out there on my blog.’

Gorgeous view!

Gorgeous view!


So, here we go…. Straight From Lisa’s Lips

1. Big issues with skinny jeans going on out there apparently. I say, JBrand. Buy one size up. They’re stretchy. No hospital time for you with these jeans!!




2. It took 40 minutes to get a pot of hot water this morning sent up to my room. I ordered a pot of hot water with a mug. Here’s my big question: WHY is it, that in every hotel, a mug is the size of a teacup? Why can’t you get a MUG mug. Like a coffee MUG. I’d like to know that, please. Why can’t a hotel send something that doesn’t require me filling up my hot water, lemon and honey a bunch of times. Ok, I just need to know this, please.

This is ridiculous

This is ridiculous


3. Oh, and no hats on the bed. I wonder how many people follow this rule in life? I’m very superstitious at times. Very. Almost crazily so, at times. No hats on the bed. Do you follow this rule?




4. I also need to know if everyone is as freaky as I am when they enter a hotel room. Just recently, I have decided that upon entering my room I must use my wipes, my Clorox wipes with bleach and I wipe down the entire hotel room. Phones, remotes, handles, shower, everything! I just have to wipe it down. I wipe that sh*t down because you know what? If you think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, we’ve all seen the reports and you know where I’m going here. I think maybe I am getting a little OCD as I get older.

Wipe that sh*t down!

Wipe that sh*t down!


5. Don’t even get me started on the hotel comforter and the duvet. I guess you can’t even think about what you’re sleeping in and I’m not crazy enough YET to bring my own sheets and pillows, so for now I will sleep among the germs and bed bugs and God knows what else. But I will say this, I did have a great night sleep last night, so F*ck It.




Well, that about wraps up what was on my mind this morning. I end with this: Sometimes you just have to choose your battles and let go and let God. And that includes skinny jeans, tiny hotel mugs and bed bugs.


Disclaimer: Keep in mind, I know this is all stupid sh*t and means nothing in the world and what’s really going on in it!!


  1. Dawn

    I really was hoping that there was a number six because I love the number six. Oh well… 🙂 P.S. I hate bed bugs too…

  2. jeana

    I too wipe down everything in my hotel room, have for many years! I pack a throw, it is a queen size one, I NEVER sleep under the bedspread, comforter, what ever is on top of the bed it goes in the closet!, I look at the sheets and if there is something I don’t like about them I call down for a fresh set and change the bed myself! Why no hat on the bed?

    • Lucas

      Would you happen to have any fmliay photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  3. Joanne kimbro

    Lisa Rinna I absolutely love you! There are no gray areas with yo uhh and I respect you for that. Continued good luck in life. XOXO

  4. Valerie Rosato

    Oh Lisa!!!… You are the best…say it like it is…that’s what I love about you!!!

  5. Irma

    We are cut from the same cloth. Reading someone else say all these things makes me feel much better. Or makes me think we need group counseling.

  6. Margaret Horemis

    I hope that you’re coming back to RHOBH. You are a cool chic and I enjoy watching your honesty and kind spirit. I am a mother of two daughters and you remind me of myself. God bless.

  7. Marnel

    Thanks for making me feel better about all my little OCD rants! We all have our “issues” and I completely agree with yours!! I always say “it is SO hard being ME”!! ;)—

  8. Bryn

    “Feel the same way about wiping stuff..door knobs, handles etc in public places. What good is it to wash my hands and dry them when possibly only 10% of the people do..and kids even less….too many germs…ick! Love Clorox wipes…..

    Skinny jeans…love’em..but not the leather ones…hotel and dining room cups have been shrinking in size…lol Do they really think we dont know or notice? Next time ask for a carafe of Hot Water and cups….just sayin….

    Post more seeing where you’re traveling….and have a wonderful Vaca!

  9. jackie nitowski

    honestly, I understand everything you said and couldn’t agree more lol loving your blog Lisa!

    • Charlotte

      I love the way your mind works, Lisa! On my way to QVC to look at your clothing now.

    • Carrie Burke

      I couldn’t agree more about mugs for tea! I have to have my hot water and lemon every am and at home I always have my tea in a huge mug. I totally get it!

  10. Michele

    I have to say that for the longest time I felt like I was the only one getting super OCD as I got older. I follow pretty much everything you mentioned, except the hat thing, what is that about? As if I need another thing to be OCD, Superstitious about lol. Anyway I love your blog so keep on blogging =)

  11. Sarah

    Yes! I love a hotel room that smells like bleach! In fact, I take my own spray bleach and spray the tubs before I will get in! LOL!

  12. Maria

    I don’t understand the hat thing.
    Can you explain? thanks!

  13. Lisa Costello

    I carry those wipes on planes. Haven’t we all been on the flight with feet on the tray tables and kids spitting cookies everywhere? Two minute plane cleaning in between flights?? Clean that sh#t up!

  14. E. Leonard

    Lisa, you’re the best!
    I’m totally with you on the hotel room. I’ve checked into one a couple of days ago and I too have wiped down the entire room, absolutely everything, and yes phones, remotes, handles, knobs, any surfaces, anything anyone would touch, including night stands and bathroom floors. It’s not OCD, or getting older, it’s being wiser and not winding up with something that requires hospitalization.

    And yes, a mug is a mug, not a cup.

  15. carol adams

    Love it I wipe down door handles,phone, remote,flusher on the toilets but I take it further by wearing socks, stripping the duvet off the bed and bring my own pillow, OCD at its finest!

  16. Emma Manning

    Haha love it, completely agree, what is it with hotel rooms and the small cups, one slurp and it’s gone ? I draw the line at disinfecting the room with wipes mind, have a lovely day Lisa

  17. Claire

    I totally Agree!! I do the same thing in hotels! Ugh! No Hats OR shoes on beds! Bad luck all around. Love your Blogs!!

  18. Maria S.

    Hahahaha…. too funny, you’re right, it really doesn’t matter much but we all do it and some of us say it, wipes are a must !!! Had to stay in an old hotel room recently in southern Illinois for my nephew’s wedding it was a “shower curtain” the dreaded don’t let my body touch the shower curtain 🙂 Keep blogging girl.. from one mom to another xoxo

  19. Betsy

    Love You! Beauty, Intelligence, Kind hearted and more….that’s you! You make me laugh…make me think…make my day often! You, Eileen, Lisa V. and Kyle should have your own show…..can you imagine outtakes? 🙂

  20. Terri Schulze

    You are just so funny & witty Miss Lisa!! Random thoughts are good – I do it a lot. And most certainly agree w/ you on #1-5!! Amen!! Are you coming back to the small screen on HofBH? hope so, loved your part, you brought a breath of fresh air to the show w/ your honesty!

  21. Jo

    Great blog..

  22. Melanie

    Girl! You so crazy… Guess I am too because I identified with every single one of these!

  23. Aislinn

    You’re a hoot.

    • Elhadj

      – Caroline thank you! Hope your friend found a nice dress? Judging by the aznmiag dresses I saw I don’t doubt it for a second.Hi Kate! Thanks and yes I do. I shoot film as well as digital and try to use my vintage cameras as much as I can. :)Leonie thanks! I have some bottles left over so I may just use these for the next few weddings. It’s about time I have everyone drinking out of branded bottles! :DStephanie! Thank you! I may be taking it really slowly coming off that sugar high by having small doses throughout my day. Cookies do not compare to cake pops, however. They were quite possibly the tastiest thing ever.Alexis we miss you too. 🙁 It’s like coming home from a school field trip. Except that we all went to bed earlier!Very happy we got to catch up. Definitely need to meet up soon! xOctober 12, 2011 1:03 am

  24. Maria

    Love this blog, Lisa! Don’t even get me started about #4…I’m a retired police officer and I can’t begin to describe the gross stuff found when processing hotel rooms. This also applies when you visit someone in the hospital. Wipe down bed rails, telephones, remotes, etc. Just sayin’…

  25. Janna

    Lisa, you are so hilarious! I want to be you when I grow up, LOL

  26. Lisa

    I usually spray everything down with Lysol but I do bring the wipes with me too!!! As for the beds, they sell a bed bug spray in Bed Bath and Beyond. I spray the bed with that!!! As I’m getting older, the thought of other people’s germs makes me a little crazy!!!! xoxo

  27. Susan Myers

    I love you by the way. Huge fan all the way pack to DOL when you and Bo went to LA. I do wipe everything down. I am a freak. If I am staying more than one night, I bring my own sheets and I always travel with my own pillow. I spray lysol on the headboard and take off the comforter and have been known to spray it down as well if I have to use it. I wear flip flops so my feet don’t touch the floor. Oh well it is just the way I am and I embrace it and I always leave the room as good as I left it. Towels in tub etc. Have am amazing time in New York.

  28. T

    I can’t stop laughing!! Yep Chlorox wipes & spray only way to travel – skinny jeans are chic’ classic^always a go to. ☆*. Never a hat on a bed 🙂

  29. BelliniMartini

    Years back I stayed at a hotel in LA and I didn’t wipe down anything and I came home with the worst virus I’ve ever had in my life. I now put on latex gloves and wipe down everything including the handle on the outside of the front door before I go in and every surface there is, light switches, phones remotes, desktops, everything. I also bring my own pillow and never lay on the comforter they don’t wash those very often, and I don’t walk around barefoot either I wear socks or slippers.

  30. Imelda

    Your just the coolest chic and I wanna be you when I grow up. I’m 42, is it too late? Lol! xoxo

  31. Mary

    My mom always said no hats on the bed, it’s bad luck! To this day I still don’t do it 🙂

  32. MamaB L

    Lisa, you are bright and witty, I enjoyed your blog! I think you are right to wipe everything in a hotel room. I really want you to come back to RHOBH! We love you on RealityTea!

  33. Heather Herbert

    I know what you mean about hotel rooms! I was just telling my hubby the other day I wanted to buy a camper because I get so grossed out when the 6 of us travel. My mind goes crazy especially with my kids touching everything!

    • Tapash

      This past Sept while visiting a poterty store I spotted round, ceramic tiles that I just had to purchase. Didn’t need them, but there was MY name. Whenever I see my name on something I just have to buy it cause it happens once in a blue-moon. Hope you enjoy yours.

  34. lynn

    U may ask for clean linens every time u check in. You can also request newly laundered comforter shams etc. (They do not wash these regularly) and just bring a mug from home, takes up much less room then your own sheets…so now u know. I am a wealth of info…lol…all my friends know this!!

  35. lynn

    Oh and one more thing..
    Check for bedbugs by looking in the seams of the matress…this is where they hide!!

  36. JoanK

    I agree with everyone’s comments here—-but also want to add the question: Are you going to be on the new season of The Housewives of Beverly Hills???? I swear, I won’t watch it if YOU are not on it!

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