The 7 Must Haves In Your Carry-On

Jul 7, 2015Lifestyle5 comments

Tis the season to travel! 4th of July has passed and now we have two months of glorious summer until Labor Day weekend is upon us, signaling the unofficial end of Summer. So, as many of us anxiously await our summer travel itinerary to arrive, I thought I would get a helpful list together to help when you’re packing your carry-on luggage in anticipation of jetting off to your next destination.


-Your phone charger. Nothing is worse than sitting there waiting to board your plane when you happen to notice your phone is at 19% battery and you realize you shipped off your phone charger with your underwear in your checked bags.

-iPad. Now that you have your charger handy, you can binge watch your favorite TV shows. Depending on how long your flight is, you could really knock a few seasons of Mad Men out.

-Clorox wipes. Because, you know. Germs. Remember when I admit to my hotel room craziness a couple weeks ago?

-Headphones or earbuds. The perfect tool to keep you from having to talk to anyone. And I mean ANYONE. Your own kids included. Haha!

-Gum. Yes, to ease the pressure that comes with taking off and landing but also to politely offer to your strange seatmate that may really need it if you know what I mean.

-Chapstick or lip gloss. Because nobody has time for dry lips! In the sky or on the ground.

-Water. Another way to combat the dry lips, skin, hair, etc. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

-Hand moisturizer. There’s simply no time like the present to keep your hands and elbows supple!!

Your favorite gossip magazine. I personally like to find out what I have been up to. It seems the paparazzi know my whereabouts before I do!




Wherever you’re off to this summer, I wish you happiness, joy and safe travels. Make some memories and send your vacations pics to @LisaRinna on Twitter!


  1. Luisa Da Silva

    Hey Lisa, I’m a huge fan. When are you back QVC? I love and need your collection. God bless.

  2. maria

    Love your line of clothing. When are you on again? Enjoyed your vacation pictures. Going to bed now.

  3. Renee Marder

    Love your clothes on qvc the tops

  4. Luisa Da Silva

    Hey Lisa, I’m a huge fan. When are you back on QVC?

  5. Anne Williams

    Thanks Lisa.. Great hints!!!

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