Soap Work Made Me Cry

Sep 9, 2015From Lisa's Lips2 comments

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Soap work prepared me for anything else and I really am grateful for that… But some days I would come home and would get in the bathtub and I would cry. I would have a really good cry. True story! Find out why in this Huffington Post article: Why Filming Soap Operas Left Lisa Rinna Crying In Her Bathtub


  1. Downey Nhim

    Huge fan of yours since Days of Our Lives, Billie. I used to watch Days of Our Lives religiously as a young boy mostly during the summers because I had school off. But have you ever considered hosting your own interior design show for HGTV? I think it would be interesting concept because you are very engaging as a host and television personality, you can talk about anything and it is interesting. Even if you had your own furniture line with West Elm with purchases going towards your charities. Great ideas, great concepts and evolving as a entertainer. Anyway I think we need Billie back on Days of Our Lives. Thank you for taking the time to read my message to you.

  2. Sally

    Ms. Rinna,

    You are really cool… the shirts/blouses you wear on Oprah’s Where are the Now (Dark Gray) and the silver one you wear meeting with Heather on RHOOC….

    Can you tell me the brand….

    Thank you!

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