London Calling

Jun 16, 2015From Lisa's Lips7 comments

Well, I was just lucky enough to spend some time in London, England with my family!

I had the best meal at one of the most fabulous new hotels in London called The Beaumont. We went to The Colony restaurant which is only one of their many amazing restaurants that is so chic and so fabulous and has the best classic American food. I had the first hot fudge sundae that I’ve had in years (oh yes, I did!) and let me tell you… IT WAS HEAVEN. If you’re ever out that way, you must go.

The Colony, London, Ice cream Sundae

We also went to Dover Street and saw the Dover Street Market which happened to be one of the grooviest stores I have seen. And as if that wasn’t enough, we were able to see Victoria Beckham’s new store on Dover Street, which is probably the most gorgeously designed store HH and I have ever seen. Plus, you know what a huge fan I am of her designs. I flipped! It was dreamy. Beyond.

Then we went to Harrods, of course, and Harvey Nichols between my two QVC UK shows on Monday.

So fun! I love London! Off to our next adventure….


  1. Kimberly Lyon

    You just go girl. I’ve loved you since you portrayed Billie! (Guess you never hear that one)!! I am a QVC fanatic…to the core. I even buy “Q” initial jewelry. I live in Grants Pass. (Have you ever heard of it??!!). I travel to QVC frequently to see live audience shows. Can’t wait till you have your first live show! Your TSV was perfection. I can’t wait to get all…all…of them. I love my LOGO…but my Rinna is starting to squash the closet! Enjoy it girl. Keep up those highlights cause you are right spot on with today. Many hugs and kisses!

  2. cristal campbell

    Hey Lisa – So happy for you, wow VB -I love her designs as well, you did not say weather you bought anything ?? and glad you got a taste of heaven – hugs

  3. Mary

    Congratulations Lisa lots of fun ahead love your clothes from QVC

  4. jackie nitowski

    looking forward to reading your blogs Lisa!! have followed your career forever and so happy to see you more!

  5. Melodye Whitton


    I was so proud of you when u called out to Kim that she may still be having problems with her alcoholism.
    I am now 9 years sober and from what I watched I know she was drinking and popping wrong pills.
    I love your compassion and beautiful kind heart. A talented actress and I love u on the Housewives.
    Thank You for your caring.


  6. Joan K.

    Oh, you lucky duck! I ADORE London—-haven’t been there for two years. Hopefully, will be able to visit as a side trip on an Ireland vacation. I’m sure you’ve been there dozens of times, of course. Also, loved your QVC shows—you are just adorable. Keep up the good work, girl!

  7. Rebecca

    I would like to know how you keep yourself so slim. Are you a practicing vegan for most part? You see to have a lot of energy,and you never seem to runout of energy, kind of like the energizer bunny. I like the clothes you have on qvc.

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