Let’s Manifest

Sep 3, 2015From Lisa's Lips2 comments

I really believe that you get what you put out there. If you want something, you can have it. It’s really just a matter of allowing ourselves to get what we want. So many of us sabotage ourselves so that we endlessly don’t get what we want, I believe.

Can we all collectively agree to put an end to that? We really need to stop this self-destructive behavior. Let’s all get to the point where what we put out there is positive, and we really think about it, we visualize and we take the time to ask ourselves that most important question.

What is it that I really want?

It’s all about being specific. Specific, specific, specific. Write down what is in your life that you want to happen that is not currently happening. And if there’s something you really want, you have to focus on it, visualize it, meditate on it, think about it, talk about it, but ALWAYS in a positive way.

No negativity whatsoever! We have to train ourselves to take those negatives thoughts and feelings that play out in our head and turn them into positive ones.

And yes, I understand that it’s impossible to be upbeat and positive 100% of them time, but what you can do is recognize when the negative tape begins to play, say STOP, and play the positive tape. I challenge you to do this today. It takes a lot of work but I truly believe that the more positivity we put out there, the more goodness we get back.

The more we give, the more we get. But the key to this is you need to give selflessly. This means you’re not giving in order to receive.

So again, manifestation is really about you and how much work you put into it. So go out and get everything the Universe wants you to receive!!



  1. Susan

    Once again, right on point! I heard Richard Tosti say that we move in the direction of our dominant thoughts. It’s true! What we subconsciously think we manifest not just in our lives but in the lives of those we love and care about. Thank you Lisa Rinna for putting your goodness out there. Good vibes right back at ya!

  2. Gina Brooks

    Hi Lisa,

    I love how you simplify and concisely explain our ability to make choices.

    As someone who professionally works on challenging mindsets in Business Leaders to focus on the positive it is refreshing to read your view points.

    Humans are naturally wired with a negativity bias. Re-training your mind to view the world from a positive perspective takes work but the benefits are endless.

    Keep up the great work of impacting hearts and minds.

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