I’m So Tired I’ve Gone Silent

Aug 17, 2015From Lisa's Lips3 comments


Do you know this feeling? Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about or have I hit a certain point of exhaustion that I’m suddenly talking in circles again?

It’s the middle of August and I am a week and half beyond the end of my glorious 10 day #LakeLife vacation. It was spent with dear family and friends and it was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate and recharge my batteries. Days full of quiet time, family time on the boat, and meals full of laughter and happiness. Just what this girl needed.

Then happy, fully recharged, vibrant, ready to get ‘em Lisa dove head first into 8, twelve hour plus work days, in a row.

I could feel that fully recharged battery zapping quicker than normal. I just didn’t want to talk anymore and as we all know, me not wanting to talk is a clear sign that something has to give. So, I’ve laid fairly low on social media and the girls are probably loving that I’m staying more low key around the house….

But I feel my energy coming back and before you know it, I will be back to my usual antics and probably saying way more than I should. And we will all look fondly back on this time and think, “remember that time Lisa Rinna was so tired she went silent?”

Then we will all laugh like we’ve never laughed before.


  1. samael

    Your body is your boss…this is what happens when anyone does too damn much..the exhiliration of rejuvinating your energy made you push past being tired…

    that’s ok..if you don’t chill out and relax again..your body will give you a cold that will not leave til you land in bed..that happens to me too..

    twitterland is fine..i enjoy whatever you tweet..whenever you tweet..

    take care

  2. Paul Schultz

    Have been a fan for a long time, do you have any pro mo photos that you send out? Liked the ones you did for Play Boy.

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