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Jul 31, 2015From Lisa's Lips14 comments

I want to try something new and interactive on my blog, so yesterday I sent out this tweet:

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And today, I am going to answer a few of the questions that came in! I’ll keep watching the #AskLisa hashtag, so keep tweeting those questions!


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Oh, that’s a good question! Let’s see here, I have known many of the housewives for quite some time now but the one I have known the longest is Eileen Davidson. Her and I met around 1988. So, we go WAY back. Lisa Vanderpump comes in at a close second. I have known LVP for about 25 years now.


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I would die to work with Ryan Murphy!! I am such a fan and admire his work so much, it would be an honor to be a part of anything he does. Beyond.


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Hmm. Definitely a rockstar.


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There were a lot of fabulous moments but I’d say my favorite would have to be going back home to Medford to visit my parents. It meant a lot to bring you all back home with me to meet Frank and Lois!


Keep those questions coming in on Twitter with the hashtag #AskLisa and I will keep the answers flowing. Have a fun weekend everyone!



  1. Krista metallic

    I honestly want to know how much you weigh ..not judging I’m just really curious

  2. Yazze

    Are you and Brandi glanville still in touch? Could you ever consider her a friend?

  3. Yazze

    How long are you planning on to be in RHOBH?

  4. Lorrie Miller

    Hi Lisa!
    I have been fan for years! You once hosted a home makeover show and I loved it!

    My question is – have you ever considered Broadway? I think you would be a fabulous in a live stage play!

  5. Susan

    you always look happy and I suppose I would love to know are you content within your soul x

  6. Karen

    I would love to know the nude brand of lipstick you wear .

  7. corycornwell

    You seem to be like a sister fun and loving

  8. Randy

    Hi Lisa, love watching you on HWives…and Eileen. I think you guys are the most classy, elegant of the bunch. Question: I know you love Paris, as do I, but was curious if you spend a lot of time in other parts of Europe and do you work there at all? Public appearances, etc. Just curious as were in jolly old England often. Love those lips btw.

  9. Teresa Dow

    Hi Lisa! Please say you will be back as Billie for the 50 year anniversary on Days! I don’t know how you couldn’t be. Had my haircut like yours back in the day but couldn’t rock it as well as you:) Oh and Brandie is a bitch. Take care😊

  10. Lisa

    hi Lisa , How are you today ? Thanks so much for taking time for us fan that touches my heart I’m a long time fan since Days Of Lives , I was wanting to know since it is 50 Years of Days Of Our Lives if we will come back tomSalem for a visit ? Or if you would consider sharing your time with after buzz tv on you tube five pm California time they have a show on after buzz TV with Tony Mark and Peter for Dishin Days to , we talk about Days what’s going on with the show and they talk to the fans as well ,I believe one of the guys from there said they saw you and mentioned to you Tony Mark or Peter with Dishin Days on After Buzz on you tube . I so love your Belle Gray clothes I hope to see them around for many Days ,maybe your on site on face book one day . I hope you have amazing weekend , thank you for your time . Love always , Lisa from Georgia

  11. Melanie Wilkes

    Love, Love your haircut. I’m 56 nope 57 in 17 days. I am getting your haircut. Any suggestions on what I say to my hairdresser. I have thick hair that seems to be just like yours.

  12. cathy

    I love you on housewives. I love watching you, kyle, lisa and eileen togther. Are we going to see more of the fun s ide of you gals together this season, instead of the fighting like last season? That got old real fast. Glad Brandis gone.

  13. Connie Hickey

    Hi Lisa, I just want to say that I am a fan & truly enjoyed you on the Housewives of Beverly Hills & hope you will be back. I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer in Oct. 2014. I am a survivor now:) As a part of my healing process I want to reach out to as many people as I can who helped me get through my cancer journey. And yes Lisa you are on that list. Loosing my hair was very devastating foe me for a lot of reasons. I know that millions of women feel the same way. But personally I was crushed. I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase human hair wigs that are of exceptional quality. Most people don’t know I’m wearing a wig. This is where you came into my recovery. I had a hard time getting my wig cut & styled like my pre cancer hair. It was really selfish of me but I just wanted the perfect style. Then I remembered on the house wives end of season show Kim R. commented on your hair style. I thought at the time that she put her foot in her mouth because she was really giving you a compliment. I’ve always loved your hair style, but I always thought it was a bit short for me. Your hairstyle, that was what I was looking for. From Pinterest to my hairstylist my wig & I went. Oh what a blessing indeed when she cut my wig. It’s not quite as short as yours, but I get the most awesome compliments now. And when my own hair grows back I am looking forward to being able to style it like your hair also.
    So THANK YOU, Lisa for not changing your hairstyle for “20 years” & for sharing a part of yourself on television. And I also love IT Cosmetics!!! I’m a QVC girl too.
    God shows us in the most unexpected ways how important the simplest things in life are. And to always take the opportunity to be grateful for each day we have on this earth. May God Bless you and yours today and always, Connie

  14. Joan Charest

    The first item I ever ordered on QVC was your keyhole top with a metal bar at the top. I ordered two–one for my daughter-in-law. We usually take a medium but I did order a small and they were huge–too long and big in the chest. The top tends to move up my chest to my neck. It is too bad because I love the style and material. You could have saved on the material! The sizes need to be standardized for all the clothing on QVC. It is too bad because I hold off buying clothing on the site because of the sizing.

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