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Oct 21, 2015From Lisa's Lips39 comments

I know, it’s been awhile since my last #AskLisa blog, but now I’m back with more of your questions to answer! I love doing this!


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The episode where I was with Jeff Wagner’s character and I wanted it to look like he had beaten me so I slammed a door in my face to like I had been beaten. So much fun!!


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Well, I would have to say respect. A mutual respect, commitment and love. Plus, we’re just lucky and he’s a fox!!


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Right now, they both like to sing and they both want to model.


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I was looking for a thrill! And I like to take risks and wanted to try something different. Boy oh boy, did I get something different!


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I would love to be be a stylist or a designer. Definitely something in the fashion world….. Or a rockstar.


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Love this question! Thanks so much for asking!!! You can only purchase during the live QVC show or at Take a peek, there’s some fun stuff to shop now.


If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, make sure you save them for my next #AskLisa blog! See ya on Twitter!!


  1. Michele Lombardi

    What is your favorite signature fragrance you wear?

  2. Judi

    Lisa, I have loved you for so many years and I hope you and your beautiful family are always happy & healthy. Just want to wish you a “happy holiday season”

  3. Nancy

    What makeup line do you use, love your foundation look

    • Janele

      Have you ever tried younique makeup 💄? It’s all natural based products. If not let me hook you up girl. You will just love love these amazing products!

  4. Charlie

    Hi Lisa, are you able to share where you purchased your lovely white (I think leather) jacket which I understand you wore to the “All Star Celebrity Apprentice” Red Carpet Event at Trump Tower on May 16, 2013 in New York City. It has black detailing.
    Many thanks from Wellington, New Zealand

  5. Cheri Faeth

    Hi Lisa,
    i just wanted to say that I love your energy and your sence of seem like your very down to earth and a lot of fun to be around.. I would love to meet you some day.
    So glad your back on BHHW.

  6. Lisa Williams

    Hi Lisa, love your hair what products do you use and how do you style it? And was also wondering if you will do a plus size line in your clothing. Thanks 💋😊

    • Sharon

      Hi Lisa! Did you ever find out what hair products Lisa rinner is using on her hair? I am also trying to find out the brand and color of her lipstick she wears. Do you know this? I am not having any luck finding on the web. Thank you for your help! Sharon

  7. Sofia

    Who cuts your hair? I love it!!

  8. jacquelyn pierce

    Hi Lisa! I have had short hair for over 20 years. I recently decided to let my hair grow into your style. The only probably is I don’t know how to fix it the way you do. Help!!

  9. Maureen Castagna

    When will you be back on QVC in 2016?

  10. Maureen Castagna

    When will you be back on QVC in 2016

  11. Bobbette

    Hi Lisa, love you! I love the cocoa colored purse your using this season on hobh. Whose it made by?

  12. Adele Evans

    Hi Lisa. Just wondering how you kept your sunny, positive attitude? You’re awesome!

  13. Kimberly

    I just think you are really fun, beautiful, crazy (in a silly way) and I would LOVE to know how you keep your body so slim (daily routine) and what is the makeup you wear, especially your eye makeup. I noticed through a ‘Housewives’ episode they were applying an eyeshadow under your eyes, rather than an eyeliner. I like that look much better than liner and curious what you use. I also LOVE your hair and it seems so easy to work with.

  14. Kelley

    Lisa I read one of your Instagram posts. about not settling. Well I quit my job cus that was getting to be too much. I have interviews set up already. And yesterday I went n got a Lisa rinna hair cut which I had before. But people at work kept telling me o don’t cut your hair. Short hair makes u look old. Nice right. Well I stop being me. I like lost myself. But after I read your post it hit me like a ton of bricks. No more. Time for change n back to me. Thank you for opening my eyes n not settling for situations in life. I’m happy again.

  15. vernon chism

    how did like being on dancing with the stars?

  16. vernon chism

    how did you like being on dancing with stars


    Where dud you get that dress you wore on the ill-fated Bethenny Frankel show and I believe your last appearance there. JUST LOVED IT.

  18. Debbie

    Hi Lisa,
    I adore watching you on The Housewives you crack me up! I would love to drink wine with you! I also adore your style. As I live in Ireland we are currently watching Season 6 episode 11 and I loved the jumpsuit you wore in the Limo on the way to San Diego to watch Erika’s performance. Can you tell me where you got it please and perhaps I may be able to order it online.

    Big love

  19. Janice Wolf

    Lisa. You were wearing a Beautiful White blouse on Friday, April 1, 2016. I want!!! I cannot find it in your line. You had black pants on. The blouse criss/crossed in front and then it had a long tail in back. This blouse if VERY similar to Lisa Rinna Collection Sleeveless Hi-Low Hem Tiered Top …. anyway. I am very interested in this piece and if it is from your line lead me to it please!!!
    thank u. Love your clothes!

  20. Tina

    I have been watching the Housewives since the first season and have to say THANK YOU! You did what some of us dream of doing and that is standing up to that one person we really should. Yes, owning the truth is not as pretty as we’d like but I applaud you and was very happy my 13 year old daughter was with me to see you be so brave! (She also thinks Anwar is SO pretty, LOL, and loves to see your girls) I just hope you can continue with the show. Has everyone had a chance to find a place of forgiveness or rebuilding?

  21. Debra kunz

    I watch real house wives because of you. Your the best and you Crack me up. Your just so darn funny.

  22. Kathryn

    I have got to know what casual black shoes you have been wearing on last season of RHW!! They look so comfortable and stylish…they look like black canvas kids with a thick white sole!! Too sure 😉

  23. Jacqueline Rodriguez

    Lisa i love all the beautiful clothes u wear what stores do u shop at and what was the name of the boutique you took Kathryn to on the beverly hills housewives episode
    And the blue dress u wear with the sherr mesh in the sides i just live all the sexy dresses u wear

  24. marie

    lisa what is your skin care routine?

  25. Susan Pearce

    What is the name of those cute black tennis shoes with black laces you wore on QVC awhile back? RHBH Favorite💗

  26. Maria

    Hi Lisa, I’ve never ever looked into a celebrity. I’d like to know what kind of lashes you use? Also, you’re face is flawless! What fillers do you use? Will you share…. thx😎

  27. Cathi Karp

    Hi Lisa I loved the top you were wearing on RHBH this week when Harry gave you the car. If you can pass along any information on it I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  28. Christine

    How do you achieve your style. You look great, chic but comfortable. Second, which skin care line do you use?

  29. Michele

    Lisa- New Year’s Day instagram picture you posted with no make up then another with IT Cosmetics – which product? CC crime or was it one of their foundations? Which one? It seems when I went back to check you took down that photo and comments

  30. Carolyn

    I saw a flash black of a scene that you were with Lisa. You were wearing the coolest tribal dress and had a black scarf on and I’m just wondering where you got the tribal dress and designer , you looked fantastic in it !

  31. Trinidad

    Hi Lisa,

    I just watched the Live from New York show on QVC and was wondering the brand of shoes you were wearing with your new sweater and bomber jacket that I just purchased. Thks.

  32. Amina

    I wonder what is Lisa Rinna’s mac foundation shade?

  33. Kathryn Easton

    Hey Lisa!! Love your signature blk loafer like sneakers that are like platform soles??? Looking everywhere and can’t find the ones like yours!! Please please!! LMK! 😉

  34. Cindy

    Hi Lisa, I would love to know the brand and style #/name of those fabulous feather eye lashes you wear. They always make your makeup and eyes look fabulous!!!
    Thanks so much!

  35. Sara


    What is your exercise and diet routine?

  36. Rhonda Brandt

    Lisa I love your clothing.Every time your on qvc I buy at least 4or5 pieces!I love watching you,you have so much energy and you make qvc so much fun to watch! I look forward to your next show.

  37. Nancy

    Lisa!! Watched you on QVC for your TSV tshirt. What were the ankle wrap wedge espadrille shoes you were wearing during the presentation, I think they were peep-toe? Loved them.

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