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There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home This past weekend the family and I went back home to Medford Oregon. I love, love, love going back home during this time of year. Living in Southern California for so long, you tend to forget what the four seasons can actually look like and that leaves do change color! I mean isn’t that breathtakingly gorg? Oh my god. I could stare at this all day long. So, we made the trip back up north in order for all of us to spend time together and have an... read more

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa I know, it’s been awhile since my last #AskLisa blog, but now I’m back with more of your questions to answer! I love doing this!   The episode where I was with Jeff Wagner’s character and I wanted it to look like he had beaten me so I slammed a door in my face to like I had been beaten. So much fun!!   Well, I would have to say respect. A mutual respect, commitment and love. Plus, we’re just lucky and he’s a fox!!  ... read more

The Beverly Hills Orange County Housewives Collide!

The Beverly Hills Orange County Housewives Collide! Tonight I’m headed onto the Real Housewives of Orange County to see my beautiful and ageless friend, Heather Dubrow!! Before she was married and had kids, we took an acting class together, so we go way back! As usual, Heather and I had a fabulous time with one another and I can’t wait to see her again soon. Tune in to The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight at 9/8c on Bravo to see why Heather decided to take the drive north and... read more

Soap Work Made Me Cry

Soap Work Made Me Cry Soap work prepared me for anything else and I really am grateful for that… But some days I would come home and would get in the bathtub and I would cry. I would have a really good cry. True story! Find out why in this Huffington Post article: Why Filming Soap Operas Left Lisa Rinna Crying In Her... read more

Let’s Manifest

Let’s Manifest I really believe that you get what you put out there. If you want something, you can have it. It’s really just a matter of allowing ourselves to get what we want. So many of us sabotage ourselves so that we endlessly don’t get what we want, I believe. Can we all collectively agree to put an end to that? We really need to stop this self-destructive behavior. Let’s all get to the point where what we put out there is positive, and we really think... read more

Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?

Is Honesty Always The Best Policy? Is there such a thing as being too honest? There seems to be a very tricky fine line between being truthful and perhaps being too honest where you end up hurting someone because of the truth. I think about this a lot and find myself in this situation often because I want to be as honest as possible, but I know it has the potential of hurting the person. I am usually very comfortable being open and honest. I think you have to reveal yourself and... read more

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