I know, it’s been awhile since my last #AskLisa blog, but now I’m back with more of your questions to answer! I love doing this!


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The episode where I was with Jeff Wagner’s character and I wanted it to look like he had beaten me so I slammed a door in my face to like I had been beaten. So much fun!!


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Well, I would have to say respect. A mutual respect, commitment and love. Plus, we’re just lucky and he’s a fox!!


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Right now, they both like to sing and they both want to model.


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I was looking for a thrill! AndΒ I like to take risks and wanted to try something different. Boy oh boy, did I get something different!


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I would love to be be a stylist or a designer. Definitely something in the fashion world….. Or a rockstar.


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Love this question! Thanks so much for asking!!! You can only purchase during the live QVC show or at QVC.com. Take a peek, there’s some fun stuff to shop now.


If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, make sure you save them for my next #AskLisa blog! See ya on Twitter!!

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