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Things I’m Thinking About Today!

Things I’m Thinking About Today! Well, I woke up this morning in my NY hotel room overlooking the Hudson River and am in love with my gorgeous view. As I sit here, of course I have a million random thoughts fly through my mind and I think to myself, ‘I better just throw it all out there on my blog.’   So, here we go…. Straight From Lisa’s Lips 1. Big issues with skinny jeans going on out there apparently. I say, JBrand. Buy one size up. They’re stretchy. No hospital time... read more

Day Trip To Hermés

Day Trip To Hermés What an amazing time we had in Paris this past week! I’ve already filled you in on my time at Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Victoria Beckham, etc. But I have yet to fill in you on our time spent at Hermés! We were so lucky and blessed to have our friend Barry Peele, who now lives in Paris from LA, set us up with the most amazing private showings at some of the great fashion houses. Needless to say, Hermés was one that I was really, and I mean... read more

Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Lanvin & More!

Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Lanvin & More! Needless to say, Paris has been amazing this week! It’s everything for a fashion loving mama and her girls!! We started off with a private showing at the biggest Louis Vuitton store in the world and they brought in the most delicious and gorgeous Laduree birthday cake in for the girls in the shape of a heart! Since it was a private viewing, they had all of our sizes ready to go… Size of my shoes, each of the girls, and Harry’s... read more

London Calling

London Calling Well, I was just lucky enough to spend some time in London, England with my family! I had the best meal at one of the most fabulous new hotels in London called The Beaumont. We went to The Colony restaurant which is only one of their many amazing restaurants that is so chic and so fabulous and has the best classic American food. I had the first hot fudge sundae that I’ve had in years (oh yes, I did!) and let me tell you… IT WAS... read more

Happy Birthday, Amelia Gray!

Happy Birthday, Amelia Gray! Happy Birthday, Amelia Gray — What a beautiful day! To my second born powerhouse: I am so proud to be your mom! You take life by the horns and wont stop until you get what you want! That is a remarkable quality to have in this life and you have it in spades! You go, girl! You can have anything you want, just continue to reach for the stars and remember no dream is too big to dream. I love you so much and I am honored to be your mom. I am... read more

My First QVC TSV!

My First QVC TSV! It’s really an understatement to say that I am excited about my first TSV on QVC today! It really feels like I won an award, it’s that big of a deal to have a Today’s Special Value! For 10 years, I had my store Belle Gray where I basically dressed women in sizes from 0-12 and I couldn’t really order bigger sizes to stock my store with because they never really made them much bigger and wouldn’t you know, it was the L and XL that always sold out... read more

Happy Birthday, Delilah Belle!

Happy Birthday, Delilah Belle! Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet Delilah Belle! Wow, 17! It just doesn’t seem possible that time has gone by so fast! It has been such a pleasure and true honor to be your mom and watch you grow into such a beautiful young woman. You are stronger than you know and your light shines so brightly that everyone you touch is moved by you! You love life and I love watching you grow. You can have anything you want in this life — just... read more

Headed Back To QVC

Headed Back To QVC I’m headed back to Philadelphia and my QVC family this week because I have some great new pieces to share with you from my QVC line, The Lisa Rinna Collection! Friday, June 12th is going to be a fun day for me on QVC, so I hope you can catch me and some of my chic new items during one of my many appearances throughout the day: Midnight– Lisa Rinna Collection Show 1am– Inspired Style 3am– QVC Fashion Closet 6am–... read more

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