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My QVC Fall Collection

My QVC Fall Collection I am really so very excited to bring you my new Fall line of yummy, cozy, California-chic clothing this Monday, August 31st on QVC! There are so many fabulous pieces and if you’re like me, you love pulling out your sweaters, cozy t-shirts, leggings and all of that great cooler weather fashion, so this will definitely be one you want to tune in to! Here’s my little sneak peek for you: The legging cargo pants are so stretchy and so cool and goes... read more

Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?

Is Honesty Always The Best Policy? Is there such a thing as being too honest? There seems to be a very tricky fine line between being truthful and perhaps being too honest where you end up hurting someone because of the truth. I think about this a lot and find myself in this situation often because I want to be as honest as possible, but I know it has the potential of hurting the person. I am usually very comfortable being open and honest. I think you have to reveal yourself and... read more

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa I loved answering some of your questions in my first #AskLisa blog so I’ve decided to come back and answer a few more!             Oh come on!! You all know the answer to this one by now! I don’t think I’ve ever turned one down. And I really sat here and thought about it, too!             Oh gosh. I love Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Prada, Chloé, Céline and J... read more

I’m So Tired I’ve Gone Silent

I’m So Tired I’ve Gone Silent Do you know this feeling? Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about or have I hit a certain point of exhaustion that I’m suddenly talking in circles again? It’s the middle of August and I am a week and half beyond the end of my glorious 10 day #LakeLife vacation. It was spent with dear family and friends and it was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate and recharge my batteries. Days full of quiet time, family time on the boat, and meals... read more

Back to QVC

Back to QVC Really looking forward to getting back over to my QVC friends this Saturday! Can’t wait for all of you to see what we’ve got going on this time!   read more

The Hotwives of Las Vegas

The Hotwives of Las Vegas Hulu’s scripted parody of the Real Housewives is back for a second season and guess who’s going to be making an appearance?! It was so much fun to do and it was an honor to be a part of it! Check out the trailer for the new season below:... read more

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa I want to try something new and interactive on my blog, so yesterday I sent out this tweet:         And today, I am going to answer a few of the questions that came in! I’ll keep watching the #AskLisa hashtag, so keep tweeting those questions!           Oh, that’s a good question! Let’s see here, I have known many of the housewives for quite some time now but the one I have known... read more

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